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Find Influencers

Discover and select your favorite influencers. Tag them to different lists or bulk contact them with our Campaign Emails.

Filter influencers by country, engagement rate, tagged brands or follower amount. If you want help finding the right matching influencer, our team can help you, or you can use our AI robot mr. Tango (for free).

We have over 100 000+ influencers in our public database (selected by humans). You can also import your own influencer list or add new influencers by yourself.

Influencer Scouting


Connect your email and design your emails with templates. Some examples: Reach Out Email, Campaign Email, Showroom Email, Thank You Email.

This enables you to save a lot of time and build a relationship between your company and influencers.

You can for examples invite 500 influencers in Germany in one click. With automation it enables your company makes it very easy to work with influencers at scale.

Our AI robot will save all your posts so you can easily monitor your campagins and measure the results (clicks, sales, likes, comments , engagement rate etc).

  • Campaign Newsletter
  • Bulk Emails
  • Bulk Invites
  • Campaign Agreement Approval
  • Optional Payments
  • Automatic Payouts
  • Affiliate
  • Voucher Codes
Digital Showroom Service

Digital Showroom

Get your own digital showroom. For Influencers to order your products and use them in Social Media. This process is automated. So if you want to seed products to influencers, this will make your life easier.


More features

Branded Site

Get your own website for influencers to check out statistics, visit your showroom, enter their bank account settings.

Flexible Payments

Pay Influencers with CPO, CPC, IG Story Swipe Ups, Fixed price for IG, Youtube or Snapchat.

Automated Payments

Create bulk payments to 100s of influencers at the same time. It is also created for minimal accounting job to satisy your finance team.


Send emails to groups of influencers in our Email Template System.


Discount for long term clients

All new clients that book over 12 months service recieve 20% discount.

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